The complete SaaS landing page optimization checklist

This landing page optimization checklist was created based on my experience analyzing 100+ landing pages over the last couple of years.

Contains 96 guidelines your landing page needs to follow to be in the top 10% of the highest-converting pages on the Internet.

These include best practices for your LP's:

  • Messaging

  • UX

  • Design

  • Information and visual hierarchy

  • Behavioral psychology

Divided into 4 sections:

  • Hero section

  • Body

  • Signup flow

  • (Bonus) Pricing page

The checklist comes as a Notion doc that you can duplicate to your account and edit. No paid accounts needed.

I guarantee that if you follow these guidelines, your landing page's conversion rate will increase by at least a double-digit margin. If not, email me and I'll fully refund you.

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-- Kacper, Maker of Scrapbook

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