Scrapbook SaaS


280+ SaaS Growth Marketing Tactics Database

What's included:

  • Lifetime access to the SaaS database

  • 280+ SaaS tactics... and counting

  • Lifetime updates

  • Filter by funnel step, tag, and budget

  • Get notified whenever a new tactic gets added

Positive ROI guarantee: if you test 10 tactics (which is not even 5% of the whole database) and don't get a positive return on your investment, I'll give you a full refund.

Tax invoice can be generated after purchase.

Here's what other marketers and founders think of Scrapbook's content:

"The most comprehensive list of marketing tactics, that’s chock full of ideas and practical info you’d have to spend months and tens of thousands of dollars to aggregate otherwise. Really worth it!"

- Nimrod Priell, CEO @ Cord

"I purchased Scrapbook early in my career in 2020, and it has withstood the test of time. Over the years, I have seen the collection grow with genuinely useful ideas. Each insight is carefully mined and thoughtfully recommended. The clean organization makes it actionable, while still offering the adrenaline rush and the optimism boost you need to get to work."

- Khushi Lunkad, Growth Lead @ Toption

"When you're serious about optimizing any stage of the AARRR funnel, this collection is exactly what you need."

- Frank Heijdenrijk, Head of Growth @ IBC Group

"I immediately started applying the Scrapbook tactics and almost instantly saw massive results. Every tactic is thoughtfully written with great examples - there are no excuses why you can’t succeed with Scrapbook. Get it now."

- Levin Mejia, Director of Design @ CoLab

"A must have live-playbook of marketing tactics. TOTALLY worth every cent."

HJ Barraza, Founder @ Digifolk Media

"Brilliant! Simply brilliant. Does exactly what it promises to do and much more. Kacper also genuinely keeps adding to it with new ideas and strategies. Great value for money. If you can't get a massive ROI on this then you're in the wrong profession! 😁"

- Andy Whyte, Founder @ MEDDICC

"Whenever I'm out of fresh ideas, I refer back to this handy spreadsheet! And many of the tactics spark other new ideas of my own. Great resource!"

- Rosemary O'Neill, CMO @ Crowdstack

"I can never find the time or energy to do deep reading on digital marketing, but I need to be on the forefront of best practices - therefore I depend on cheat sheets like Scrapbook. Honestly, I've used almost every one of the impromptu emails with a quick tip here and there."

- Alex Jordan, Founder & CEO @ Firon Marketing

"When you need to grow your SaaS product, there are too many growth options to choose from if you rely on blog posts and ebooks. You need a centralized swiss-army knife of growth tactics that are proven and clear enough to execute in a short amount of time. Kacper's Scrapbook is the best resource that I've purchased in the last 5 years. I've only used 10 growth tactics out of 200+, and my client is already experiencing 2x website visitors, 2x social media referrals, and 3x new trial users."

- Kyle Börner, Co-Founder @ White Buffalo Creative

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