Custom SaaS Teardown


Custom teardown of one of your landing pages and onboarding flow

Here's what you get:

  • Detailed teardown of your landing page of choice and onboarding experience

  • Remove funnel bottlenecks killing your conversion rate

  • Custom, actionable recommendations

  • Higher conversion rate guarantee

  • Delivered in 10 business days

  • Scrapook SaaS for free ($147 value)

Tax invoice can be generated after purchase.

Here's what founders say after getting their teardown:

"Man... this is insane! An awesome, detailed, brutal and honest teardown"

- Joel, SaaS Founder

"Kacper - this. is. incredible! Thank you so so much."

- Guy, CEO @ Martech SaaS

"Thank you for an awesome teardown! All your points are on the spot, and I find them very valuable. I just don't know how we missed to notice some of the obvious issues. You gave us a lot of tasks here, and a lot to consider."

- Aleksandar, COO @ Martech SaaS

" Thank you for this feedback. From my perspective, it is very comprehensive, well-structured and absolutely what we were looking for.""

- Philip, Co-Founder @ Innovation Management SaaS

"This is Brilliant, Kacper, and extremely helpful so thank you for doing this for us"

- Craig, C-Founder @ Web Analytics SaaS

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